As the World Teeters on the Edge of Chaos, Awaken to the Freedom That You Are

The planet is in turmoil. The collective’s thoughts and actions have brought it to this place and are pushing it over the brink. The over-consumption, greed, fear, anger and division have been a part of society for millennia, yet have only now come to a true head, becoming obvious for the destructive forces they are. The planet is run by psychopaths, yet even they are merely a result of the collective insanity, a corrupt and unfeeling class placed on top of a rotten pyramid of control.

All the problems haunting our modern world have a root, however. That root is in the primary ignorance, in the unconsciousness of humanity’s own nature. It is the ignorance that comes from a complete identification with form and a forgetfulness of the Stillness and Freedom that lies beyond it.

What am I talking about? I am talking about You. Who you are and what you perceive yourself to be.