The Time to Awaken Is Now

We live in precarious times.

Though the quality of life seems better than at any point in recorded history and humanity seemingly more free than ever before, the vast majority of the world remains in suffering and neglect.

Due to the amount of humans living on the planet today and the rapid advancements in technology, we have come to the point where our entire society can be destroyed on a whim (nuclear Armageddon being only one such possible threat) and the very freedom to express ourselves taken away.

The very technology that has freed us and has the potential to truly revolutionize society also has the potential to enslave us in a truly Orwellian fashion the moment it enters the wrong hands, ultimately even destroying everything we’ve worked so hard to create.

But is it not in the wrong hands already? The ability to wage war with semi-autonomous drones and the incredible boost in surveillance and potential censorship is already an ominous reality happening right before our very eyes.

However that is far from the entirety of problems we face. Our disregard for the environment, for the animals and plant-life on this wonderful planet and our disregard for each-other, as well as ignorance and passivity, is moving us towards a very uncertain future.

It is at this point that humanity is at a turning point. We will either move towards further chaos, or harmony and peace.