Dealing with Your Inner World, Pain, Turmoil and Confusion – Giving Yourself the Gift of Space

Whenever an emotion, a thought, or a sensation pops up in our consciousness, the usual response of most of us is to resist it. Our consciousness contracts, we identify with the feeling and hold on to it for dear life.

Psychologically we feel like we are stuck in a shell of resistance, like a part of us wants to hold on, while another (if we are conscious enough), wishes to let go and desires the torment to pass.

But not only our psyche, our entire body contracts. Often this can lead to pain in the form of headaches, stomach pain, gastrointestinal issues… and a variety of physical ailments.

The more we are in this state of inner contraction, the more we cut ourselves off not only from good physical and mental health, but also from a sense of peace, joy and even love that is always present here and now. Like an invisible feast that we can only take part of once we take the blinders off our consciousness.

But this sense of contraction can be counteracted.