Finding, Experiencing and Following Your Intuition

If you are like most people, your mind is usually clouded with an array of uninvited emotions, thoughts, pictures and sensations. This smokescreen, which is usually your constant companion, is precisely what is clouding your awareness and leading you away from your true nature and intuition.

The emotions you feel are a much better indicator of your relative state at the time than your thoughts. To get to your intuition, you must thus first come in touch with your emotions. Your emotions will tell you much about how you will feel and react when a certain event happens or when you play out a certain action. Of course the accuracy of that depends on the degree you are identified with your feelings at the time and in general.

Though your emotions may tell you a lot about your conditioning and will paint a more real picture of your reality than your thoughts, they are not your deeper intuition.

Beneath emotions is your true self, your Soul that is interlinked with the Absolute Reality. The more you can come in contact with your essence, the more you will come in contact with your true intuition. The more you are aware of your deepest self, the more you can act from that place.

And once you start acting from that place, basing your decisions from this place of true knowing, the more your life can become truly miraculous.