Freeing Earth – Solutions for a Better World

The people of this planet are waking up more and more to the vast darkness and unsavory elements of our society and humanity at large. The psychopathy, the complete lack of empathy and regard for the life of other living beings, combined with the endless thirst for wealth, power and control over others, rests at the heart of our problems.

The more the world goes crazy, the more the people are plunged into darkness and the more the psychopaths are allowed to not only to wield their power, but expand it endlessly, the more people awaken to the collective darkness plaguing our planet and human society at large. But with that usually comes a feeling of apathy, of dejection, a feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness. “What can any single one of us do?” is the mindset that likely best encapsulates the psyches of most people falling down the various rabbit holes available to them, one darker than the other.