The Inner Revolution – Saving the World by Dissolving Our Pain and Finding Freedom Beyond the Known

How do we save the world?

As within so without, as above so below
– Hermes Trismegistus

Most of us see the world is a mess. From wars, to total poverty, from people that are thrown into prison for crimes they didn’t commit, to people that do not have access to basic sanitation and clean drinking water. The fact is, if you were born in an at least somewhat wealthy country and have your basic needs provided, while you can also freely browse an uncensored Internet, you can count yourself as very blessed. But even in first world countries, where abundance seems commonplace (and even such countries are rare, the majority of first world countries still have a sharp divide between classes and enormous problems with poverty) and crime scarce (again, quite rare) you find yourself in the midst of a population that is unhappy, depressed, fearful and anxious, wanting to escape their reality and constantly seeking the next dopamine stimulating experience.

Where have we gone wrong and how do we fix it?