The Inner Revolution – Saving the World by Dissolving Our Pain and Finding Freedom Beyond the Known

How do we save the world?

As within so without, as above so below
– Hermes Trismegistus

Most of us see the world is a mess. From wars, to total poverty, from people that are thrown into prison for crimes they didn’t commit, to people that do not have access to basic sanitation and clean drinking water. The fact is, if you were born in an at least somewhat wealthy country and have your basic needs provided, while you can also freely browse an uncensored Internet, you can count yourself as very blessed. But even in first world countries, where abundance seems commonplace (and even such countries are rare, the majority of first world countries still have a sharp divide between classes and enormous problems with poverty) and crime scarce (again, quite rare) you find yourself in the midst of a population that is unhappy, depressed, fearful and anxious, wanting to escape their reality and constantly seeking the next dopamine stimulating experience.

Where have we gone wrong and how do we fix it?

The core of our society seems to be based on escape. Escape from this moment and thus an escape from ourselves.

When we come back to this moment and back to ourselves we can finally feel. We can find peace, we can find stillness, we can find clarity. But because we have been so distracted by everything around us for so long, we also come in contact with our pain.

The pain we feel when we finally give up the search, the search of trying to find something outside of that will make us feel happy, free, content, alive, is the portal to the very aliveness and stillness we seek.

Because ultimately, to truly be free, you have to give up the search. And we are all restlessly seeking. Seeking the next high, the next drug, the next adventure, the next experience. If we stop seeking, then here we are. If we become disillusioned from the seeking, if we finally give up on it, we find ourselves where it all began. And where the madness began is also where it ends.

Come to where you are. It sounds brutally simple, I know. And really, it is. But indulge me for a moment nonetheless.

As one of my favourite quotes goes, by the late Walt Whitman – “Truth is simple. If it was complicated, everyone would understand it”.

When you come here, when you simply choose to drop the past and the future, you will find peace. But as you find peace, you will also have to face your shadow, the pain that has grown inside you since you have left. You have deserted your home. As you return, you need to clean up. You need to face the music, the illusions that prevent you from being free.

You will find fear, you will find anger, you will find guilt.

Let go of fear, for it is an illusion. You are safe and you are impenetrable, invulnerable. Let go of the fear and you will find that there is nothing to fear. That you sit on a throne of lies.

Let go of anger and forgive. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”, said Jesus. And how right he was. Those that harm and hurt do not know what they do. They are not aware of what they are doing. They cannot feel or have compassion for the other. They do not have compassion for themselves either. For them, the world is blank. They are ruled by their illusions and empathy is their foreigner. Forgive them, as they are not truly conscious of what they are doing, what kind of suffering they are creating. In order for them to produce such pain, they must be in enormous suffering themselves. The outer is always an expression of the inner.

Forgive yourself as well and drop guilt. As you have seen with others, you too cannot really say your judgment was clear and unclouded when you harmed anyone. Was it even you who did the crime? Or was it an ego identity that you constructed for yourself and then got completely lost in, an identity based on a throne of illusions. But it is something that you have evolved beyond now. You have hatched from that egg and you will now see that ultimately you simply are. Ultimately, you are beyond identity. Ultimately, you are. That is not to say that you may not also have an identity (and in a relative sense also are your identity), as an aspect of you that is present in the world, it is just not who you are as your innermost being. The more you see that, the more any mind identity you may have also evolves into a harmonious expression of your true unlimited self.

As the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle once beautifully exclaimed: “True forgiveness is the realization that there is nothing to forgive”.

Anything else that comes up, allow yourself to let it go. And never in a forceful way. Dropping items from your subconscious is a gentle affair. First it is important that you love whatever comes up. Embrace it, accept it, allow it. Breathe through it. Doing that and looking into your problem, you will likely already let it go. If however you still see yourself holding on, then simply allow yourself to drop it as you would drop a heavy piece of unneeded baggage. You can even ask yourself – “Could I allow myself to let this go?” and simply let yourself notice your reaction, while choosing the affirmative.
(for more details on how to dissolve your suffering, check here: Embracing and Dissolving Inner Pain and Suffering)

Now here you are. Your awareness is the great dissolver, healer, the great light in the darkness. Whatever comes up, allow it to be embraced by your awareness and transmuted into light, into peace, into your innermost nature.

You will slowly find that you come closer and closer to inner stillness and peace. The more pain you dissolve, the more productive and positive your actions will become. The more you help yourself, the more love you can give to the world. And the giving of love to the world in the way that is natural to you is an amazing thing to do, sharing love with others and seeing their peace grow is a gift in and of itself. The freer you are, the more love will come through you and the more you can help all beings, everywhere.

This is how we save the world. We save the world by creating peace within every individual being and letting that peace flow outwardly as love. There are many things to do in the world, but this is the ground, the foundation from which we must work. The outer will come when the inner is resolved. Ideas will come, right decisions, a correct plan, a blueprint for a society that is based on peace. A Utopia, if you will. This time not as a fictitious impossibility, but an actual fact.

For as Einstein said – “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

How can one possible picture a world where the inhabitants are inwardly suffering, yet outwardly harmonious? That is simply not how things work. First comes inner harmony, then external actions are taken. They arise intuitively from a place of inner harmony – then they create the outer harmony.

We have abandoned ourselves as a species. But this too was a wonderful gift. It is the gift of limitation, the gift that we needed in order to see the freedom with fresh eyes once again. It is the gift in which Life plays with itself, loses itself, to find itself once again.

And thus we find ourselves again.

Ahhh the game of existence 🙂

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