Deciding, Choosing and Creating with Awareness

In life we all have choices, decisions that need to be made, paths that need to be chosen. How are you choosing your path? Are you aware of what is happening or are you letting your own unconscious conditioning, your autopilot responses take you for a ride?

The key here is awareness. You see, most people aren’t really aware of themselves, their thoughts, their emotions, even their body. They live life on autopilot and they make the majority of their decisions unconsciously. They let their conditioning, their habits, create their life and future for them.

Your choices, your decisions come from you. Who you are, how you feel and most importantly what you desire will determine how you react to life and ultimately what path you will take forward. Whether you will go left or right in the next intersection, whether you will get angry or react peacefully to the next provocation.

Choices are a funny thing. They don’t really exist in the way most people assume they exist. You aren’t choosing every word you say when you talk to your friend, every syllable you pronounce. Your choice automatically stem from you, from your core and thus from your will. You don’t need to really make them, all you have to do is become aware of yourself and the world and you will know what you truly desire and thus make the optimal decision every time.

Awareness, I cannot stress this enough, is the key. Become aware of yourself, fundamentally of what you want, but also of who you are, or at least who you perceive yourself to be – your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, your emotions, the way you react….

In a way you will notice that you fundamentally are awareness.

When you become aware of any aspect of your inner reality (a thought, an emotion…) you will slowly start to transmute it into yourself. You will dissolve the false and dis-create the pain and the suffering. What remains is you – your will, your true intentions, your true desires.

Your deepest, truest desires are always in line with the whole of reality. As you dissolve the false with your awareness, you will find the true. You will find your true desires, your true impulses for doing, for action. You will soon see that all your truest and deepest desires can always be achieved – this is because they are not only your desires, but the desires of the Whole, of the All, as well.

Questions are also a powerful tool to help guide your awareness. You can pose many questions to yourself and get some profound answers. Use your creativity to find which questions are right for you, based on what you want to know. Pose the question to yourself then stay in silence – the correct answer will be one that brings you peace, joy, acceptance, relief (all of this on a deep, not a surface level). Pose your inner beingness questions many times. It is quite possible you will misinterpret the answers to those of your liking in the beginning,  so be honest with yourself. It is also possible your answers won’t come from a deep enough place, thus posing the questions many times can be very beneficial. Here are some example questions:
-What do I truly/sincerely desire in relation to …?
-What would I do in relation to ….. if I loved myself?
-What action here is in my best and highest good and in the best and highest good of the all?

Stay well my friends 🙂


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