The Simplicity of Being

There is an abundance of complexity in this grand game of the Cosmos. And often, all of us, myself included, can get lost in it. When we come in touch with many metaphysical, spiritual or philosophical concepts the confusion may grow deeper and deeper. Often these things drive us away from such topics, pushing us to a point where we so eagerly dismiss them. The whole thing simply becomes too much to bear.

There is so much complexity we can discover and all of our natural sciences will continue to evolve and discover it. Metaphysical and philosophical concepts once thought to be beyond our reach will eventually turn into what we consider normal, everyday reality.

But fundamentally, life, the core of all existence, is simple. There is a simplicity behind all this complexity. This inherent simplicity is so well represented by the notion of being, being as you are.

By allowing yourself to be as you are, allowing yourself to be, you are actually tapping into the most fundamental truth of reality itself. For all reality stems from this simplicity and all complexity emerges from it.

“Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin” – Jesus of Nazareth

You, yourself stem from this simplicity. At the core, deep down, beyond your surface self, you ARE this simplicity. You are the wave of the Ocean, but you are also in unity with the Ocean itself.

Try to discover this for yourself.


Simply be.



Things will come up. Thoughts, emotions, ideas…

They will come up and try to pull you in a certain direction. Into the past, the future. Into guilt, anger, a regret, fear…

Allow them to be. Embrace them.

If you want you can also simply choose to drop them, like you would drop a heavy bag from your hand. If something powerful catches your attention and you cannot drop it, yet must express it, write it down. You will thus take it off your mind.

All the while continuing to be….and be…and be…

Now what if this is it? Explore for a moment this possibility. The possibility that this right here, just being as you are, is the core of all spiritual practice, it is at the core of who you are, the core of all freedom, peace, happiness, love, well-being, energy, virtue….

It is from this place that truly inspired action arises. If this happens, let it. Allow it to flow through you, take the action that you feel will lead you in the right direction, to greater peace and well-being.

The only reason you may not be experiencing the peace, inner freedom, inspiration and creativity that is inherent to existence is because of the constant barrage of thoughts, emotions, the fog of mind clouding the simplicity of Being.

The cloud is bothersome and you try to escape from it. You make yourself busy, you drink, talk, watch TV, have sex….You do all of that in order to quiet the fog, the cloudiness. In order to calm the mind, to experience Being.

Once you see this you perhaps try to dissolve the conditioned mind and the fog directly.

Thus you practice meditation, introspection, letting go, Yoga, Qi-Gong, energy work, Reiki…. or whichever practice you resonate with and prefer. Even writing, journaling, exercise, talking about how you feel with others….all of these are ways of resolving and dissolving the fog of mind, letting go.

And all these practices are useful, very useful.
But why do you do all of these things? To experience Being.

Remember this. That is why.

Because Being is the core.

Like the Sun it gives light and animates all. Thus it is the ultimate reality.

The present moment that it represents is at the same time the beginning and the end of any spiritual practice. To experience it fully is the end goal, paradoxically, even though it is not present in the future, but outside the boundaries of time.

It is what you seek. It is freedom itself.

Have a beautiful day 🙂


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