A Society Run by Psychopaths

It is not difficult to see that the society we live in is not exactly on par with the best and highest good of us all. We are quite literally living in an inversion – a society where genuine values, virtue, compassion and depth have been replaced by greed, decadence, depravity, immorality, selfishness and superficiality.

For this madness we are ultimately all to blame, for our common consciousness, the expression of all our thoughts, emotions and action have led us into such a world.

But to truly see the culmination of the world we have created and to find some answers on how we can make it better, it can be wise to simply check who governs it (though I use the term “govern”, I am not merely talking about governments, for we cannot forget massive international corporations, banks and organizations that often have far more power and influence than governmental authority).

Who runs our society? Who stands on top of this inverted pyramid of societal control and power?

As people point fingers and blame, trying to find the evil that has hidden itself behind a smokescreen, we forget one crucial thing – it is not who exactly stands on top that is relevant, it is the type of people that stand there and the properties they have in common.

It is important to note again that whoever stands there is there, because humanity is allowing them to be there. They are quite literally, the culmination of the entirety of human consciousness, the extension of our collective shadow. Even if you do not believe that humanity may share a collective consciousness or a collective unconscious (as per Jung) on a subtle level, it is obvious that our combined thoughts create our combined actions (for every action is preceded by a thought) which ultimately result in our present reality on this planet.

Through these actions and our shared consciousness we have arrived at a society that is administered by – psychopaths.

In simple terms, psychopathy/sociopathy (in general, the difference in terms – the first you are born with, the second is usually acquired, they both mean similar things though) describes a subset of people that do not have the ability to feel empathy, compassion or remorse (or have a minimal ability in all listed areas). The internal world of serious psychopaths is quite different than that of the majority of the population, that can, to varying degrees, feel empathy and thus remains inherently altruistic and has the ability to relate to others in a normal manner, remain compassionate and not be inherently destructive.

Psychopaths seek power for the sake of power, they seek it for themselves, as well as, at times, for a small group of individuals they can call their tribe. These are usually related to them via blood (family) or other means.

Here, I would recommend the book Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski, a Polish psychiatrist that researched the nature of evil first hand, during the extremely trying times of the second world war. It discusses how our society is a pathocracy – a society ruled by psychopaths and the blueprint of psychopathy they represent is being echoed and reverberated in every corner of our society (though again this works both ways – as our own lack of empathy creates them, so too does their own psychopathy reverberate back towards us).

A summary of Lobaczewski’s work is available on: www.ponerology.com

The reason why these psychopaths come in power and stay in power is because the people’s own empathy and awareness is not developed enough in order for them to value it (the empathy) and to notice those that do not have it.

A deeper perspective

From a deeper, spiritual perspective, psychopathy is the most extreme version of separation – complete separation from the Absolute that encompasses all and thus separation from all its parts, individual beings. With complete separation from the Absolute, Being or Source, that which we are all an individuated part of, any sense of compassion or empathy is lost – the stronger the separation, the less there is compassion.

Certain esoteric literature on the subject, by Ra, The Law of One and The Hidden Hand interviews, paint a picture of beings that are divided into categories of service to self and service to other.

Service to self being in this case service to a completely separate ego self, where no connection to reality at large is acknowledged or desired. Service to others being categorized as service (in varying degrees) to the Grand Self, the Absolute Reality (you and “others”), which is ultimately what you and everyone else is (implying here the understanding of inherent unity, while still maintaining multiplicity and individuation within that unity).

The service to self part however is always simply a temporary avenue, a temporary path reserved for beings playing the role of antagonists, as part of the game of separation, until the realization of a deeper unity is again reached at some point in the evolution of every soul.

The most extreme version of the service to self path (pure separate self) is what I describe here and what can be described by the psychological terms in our society as psychopathy.

Solution and resolution

Through looking at those in power, the apex of this society’s depravity, we have found an important cause for our situation – a lack of empathy, emerging from separation, resulting in its most extreme form in psychopathy. So what is the solution?

As individual beings and as society at large we need to stop negating our own empathy and compassion, to continue developing it, as well as to develop awareness in recognizing people without it. We need to understand that we live in a world that is interconnected on every level even on the physical plane. Even in the most banal sense this is obvious – for we cannot truly live without each other and without the very biosphere and natural environment we feel separate from (and thus continuously destroy).

If this new level of awareness becomes the norm, people without empathy can be recognized and can then be prevented from acquiring positions of power. Because these people are usually highly intelligent and charismatic, it can be a difficult task in preventing them in doing so, but in a society where a sense of interconnectedness is the norm, recognizing people like that would be a very easy task.

As I have mentioned already, empathy and compassion are, on the deeper level hallmarks of the realization of interconnectedness and ultimately unity with the Cosmos. For when we break the barriers between us and the other, between us and the rest of reality, when we let go of our inner barriers that keep separation intact and thus keep love, the fragrance of unity, inaccessible to us – we find empathy, we find compassion. And as we nurture our compassion and empathy, our ability to understand others and feel with them, our sense of separation starts to dissolve and our heart opens.

When we are present with ourselves and when encountering other players in this great game, we can notice our barriers, usually consisting of our inner pain, fear and anger, and dissolve them. We dissolve our inner fog of pain, suffering and limitation through awareness and as we do so, compassion and a deeper sense of unity arise naturally. A meditative practice is highly beneficial for this, as is living a generally aware and virtuous life.

Remember as well, that no matter who runs or “controls” our society, every individual, including yourself can rise above the system and free themselves. You are not a pawn in this game, your power and ability to create and mold your own reality, as well as find the many paths in this world that allow for freedom, abundance and well-being, is enormous.  Do not allow the global situation to scare you, for it is up to you to live your life fully, follow your intuition and walk that path that leads you to greater fulfillment, depth, meaning and freedom. The society you live in and the psychopaths present on its helm can only prevent you this if you allow them to do so.
Having greater compassion and finding a deeper connection with yourself and others are crucial not only for one’s contribution to the whole, but for the individual freedom and happiness of every one of us as well.

The game is a game of losing ourselves in separation, then finding ourselves, as individuals, back in unity. Those we call psychopaths and that which we call psychopathy is simply the result of an old, outdated mode of consciousness, that we are now slowly leaving behind.

It is time to learn to live together and live together in peace.

Much love.

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2 thoughts on “A Society Run by Psychopaths”

  1. You ARE me.

    I left you a message on Reddit a few minutes ago after reading your prison story and I left another one in that same thread saying that you sound a lot like me.

    As I finished this article of yours, I am feeling like I’ve come across a polished version of myself. These are the same views I have on psychopathy. I also have read the Hidden Hand interviews and the Law of One.

    This is being written late at night for me (remember, I unexpectedly was awakened by an email suggesting I check your thread) so I can’t go over your entire site to see how much your views mirror mine but you’ve certainly got my attention.

    I do have a question for you regarding the nature of evil. You’ve suggested reading a particular book about this subject in the article, but I would like to know if you share my perspective.

    “Evil is the act of wilful ignorance.”

    I’ve spent years thinking about the best possible summation of this concept and this is the statement I’ve arrived at.

    If you share this view, I would love to hear about it and maybe have a discussion. I think my email will be attached to this post, if you are interested in a correspondence.

    I also share the desire to write stories about spiritual subjects and but have not been able to finish two of my books which are at 50k+ words each. To be honest, I am having a hard time keeping faith alive enough to complete them, though I know how great their potential is.

    I also keep a blog myself. Hundreds of entries but not made available to the public.

    Have you studied Gnosticism? I’m curious to know more about you and would be delighted to engage with you over email.

    I’d better get back to bed 🙂

    Take care.

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