Finding, Experiencing and Following Your Intuition

If you are like most people, your mind is usually clouded with an array of uninvited emotions, thoughts, pictures and sensations. This smokescreen, which is usually your constant companion, is precisely what is clouding your awareness and leading you away from your true nature and intuition.

The emotions you feel are a much better indicator of your relative state at the time than your thoughts. To get to your intuition, you must thus first come in touch with your emotions. Your emotions will tell you much about how you will feel and react when a certain event happens or when you play out a certain action. Of course the accuracy of that depends on the degree you are identified with your feelings at the time and in general.

Though your emotions may tell you a lot about your conditioning and will paint a more real picture of your reality than your thoughts, they are not your deeper intuition.

Beneath emotions is your true self, your Soul that is interlinked with the Absolute Reality. The more you can come in contact with your essence, the more you will come in contact with your true intuition. The more you are aware of your deepest self, the more you can act from that place.

And once you start acting from that place, basing your decisions from this place of true knowing, the more your life can become truly miraculous.

In order to find your true intuition, the key is to let go of or simply see through the mental-emotional fog and find the joyous, peaceful, feel-good energy that you can ride like a wave into a harmonious and vibrant life.

You can base your decisions on the sense of fear, anger, grief and generally limiting emotions… or on the sense of love, compassion, joy and peace/stillness.

Ultimately you could say it’s quite simple – “do what feels good” and you will be following your intuition.

The crux is in your ability to discern what truly feels good and what doesn’t. This may seem silly, because I’m sure you are convinced that kind of discernment is easy. Is it really though?

To a heavy smoker, lighting up a cigarette feels divine, yet to anybody else it feels like torture and will be accompanied by coughing and difficulty breathing. The body of the smoker is poisoned and craves more poison, whilst the body of the non-smoker rejects the obvious toxins presented to it.
Fundamentally what feels better for the body is an absence of the toxic chemicals contained in cigarettes – but as long as you are knee deep in your addiction you cannot see that. What “feels good” at the moment is continuing your addictive habit- however the good feeling is not intrinsic in smoking, it simply arises from the artificially induced addictive craving finally being satiated.

The craving to smoke feels good in the moment, but if you become aware of the craving and the emotions and thoughts interlinked to it, you would see that it actually doesn’t feel good at all – the only thing that feels good is satisfying the compulsion that arises which forces you to smoke.

That is why in Buddhism it is said that the majority of beings are “addicted to suffering”. This is also why mindfulness (which is another word for awareness) based therapy for addiction is so successful.

Smoking may feel fulfilling on the surface, yet on a deeper level it is not fulfilling at all. The only reason you find it fulfilling is due to the fact that you aren’t really aware what the feeling of true fulfillment feels like. It’s like giving a dehydrated person that has never had a chance to drink high quality water, more of the same muddy H2O. He may be grateful to have anything he can get his hands on and deeply appreciate the hydrating liquid….but in reality he has no clue what true, fresh, clear spring water tastes like. No real idea how actual water feels in his mouth and in his body.

The only way to really see this is to become deeply aware of how you feel and how smoking feels. With such awareness you see that a true feeling of contentment is actually much deeper than satiating the craving and can only be experienced once the addictive craving is let go of and transcended.

The same that is true for smoking holds true for everything else –  you must go deeper than the initial craving, the initial emotions and instinctual behaviors and desires that seemingly make you feel good and let them go, look through them, underneath them and there find true contentment, true joy and your true desires.

Basing your decisions from that place, not on your initial emotional impulses, is basing your decisions on true intuition.
In most cases you need to resolve the surface confusion and find what actually feels good (and thus act from that), if you are not knee deep in depression or are going through a serious mental-emotional breakdown, a minute or two of mindful breathing and awareness can help dissolve the clouds and get you in touch with your deeper self (one or two passes through the Triple Welcoming Process should help as well).

I you are as the majority and are are going through significantly difficult times, there might be more letting go required to truly drop the fog of internal war. Despite this, one’s deeper intuition can be touched, experienced and followed even if much of the pain still remains – in fact it is a very wise choice to follow it even if you haven’t dropped all of your limitations, as it will help you take you deeper into presence and out of your painful situation and mental state.

The more you are in touch with your deeper self, the more you will feel a peace, stillness and often joyous loving energy emanating from yourself. That energy will seep through you and guide you. That energy ultimately is an intrinsic part of who you are at your very core.

The deeper you go, the more you let go of and dissolve the surface noise, the deeper the level of intuition you will come in contact with and the more flow you will experience when following it.

Many times basing your decisions on your intuition can be difficult, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t do it and if you aren’t riding the wave just yet. Even if you intuitively know what it is you need to do, you may hesitate to do it, due to strong emotional charges, such as fear, not trusting yourself fully, anger, grief, apathy…
Learn to forgive yourself if you make mistakes and know that it’s normal if fear or strong emotions prevent you from following the inner voice and feeling of wisdom.

Even as you do follow your intuition you may face challenges, internally and externally, but the deeper your knowing of what is right for you, your knowing of yourself and how you feel about the actions you take, the easier it will be to follow through and not give into self-doubt and anxious thoughts.

Keep your intention at it and never give up. Before you know it you will be acting from that place of joy, love and peace.

Ultimately, following your intuition is being in alignment with the All, with the rest of existence and what is beyond, the unmanifested source of existence. The closer you are to your intuition and acting through it, the closer you are to the eternal now, yourself, and the Absolute.

Intuition, really, is your path home.

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