Do Not Forget the Inherent Simplicity of Spirit and Life

Often we get lost in the various complexities of life, whether personal, societal, scientific, philosophical or spiritual. We seek answers, we seek ourselves, the seeking can be constant. And with the seeking, with the questions, come more and more questions, often accompanied by confusion and a feeling that we’ll never figure it all out. I know this because I’m often like this – I’m obsessed with figuring things out, with trying to find the answers, with wanting to have everything happen and align perfectly – wanting to know what to do and how to move forward in order to achieve and master perfection, alignment.

But with all of this, all of us, me included, often forget that the answers can often be found in the absolute simplicity of being. If you allow yourself to let go of the questions and the confusion, the seeking of understanding and the desire to know – you will paradoxically find the answers as well as the path forward. And the path can often and will often be very simple. Not only for a personal and worldly betterment of your life, but for your growth as a spiritual being, for the seeking of freedom and Divinity inherent within us all.

Even when it comes to spirituality, to discovering deeper layers of yourself and reality, you don’t need to have an out of body experience, see spirits, experience divine ecstasy and love, remote view, have psychic powers or anything like that in order to actually evolve. All of these things may happen, or they may not. You don’t even have to understand everything and grasp the totality of the metaphysical nature of reality. It’s good to have questions and to seek answers, to read and find wisdom when you are pulled towards it, but when the seeking and questions become a burden it’s better off simply letting go – which is often when the questions will answer themselves, either through your intuitive insight, or by co-incidentally finding the piece of information in a book or article that explains it all (has definitely happened to me 🙂 ).

What you need to do in order to grow towards freedom, peace, love, in order to find that which you seek, is usually very simple. Just focus on where you are now and focus on the next step on your journey. It could simply be forgiving yourself, forgiving the people closest to you. Reaching out to a parent or friend you may have alienated. Perhaps you need to express yourself more creatively, acknowledge that you have talents and let go of the fear of using them. Perhaps it is to take better care of your body, exercise, eat right, have a better sleep cycle, spent more time in nature. Maybe you need to meditate more, look within and let go of whatever is bothering you.

Remember that things can be simple, if you allow them to be.

The simplest of things can actually be the most important. Calling that person, changing a habit, holding on to a belief, thought pattern or painful memory and refusing to let go, not wanting to make a move you know needs to be made…. all may seem trivial to you in the moment, but they could be imperative for your journey. The minute things can be so extraordinarily important for your personal growth that once you accomplish and clear them as the challenges that they are, you may find yourself rising far higher than you would have expected possible.

In my view, life is a grand game of experience, growth, love and creation, or forgetting and remembering, of creation and destruction. If you are like me and at times feel overwhelmed by it all, especially the fact that there is no way to really know everything, that there is often no end to the rabbit hole, that perfection is often out of reach (or perhaps it is always there, no matter what you do 😉 ), here is my advice to you and even myself – let go of the questions, let go of the confusion, if just for a moment, and allow yourself to be. Allow yourself to see that what you seek is in fact here, now. That which you seek is actually even beyond intellectual understanding and conception.

As Alan Watts said in his book ‘The Wisdom of Insecurity’, seeking intellectual or physical surety in a world that is often dangerous and staggeringly confused, is a recipe for disaster.

Allow yourself to not know, allow yourself to let go of the questions, let go of the desire to be perfect and understand everything before you move, before you act, before you are free – and dwell in the simplicity of Being. Then you can see that perhaps the next step moving you deeper into presence, into the peace of Being, is simpler than you might have thought.

And if you feel there is no step to take right now, simply stay in silence. After all, who knows, perhaps this is it? 🙂

Plenty of love,

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