Creating a Vision for a New Earth, for the Utopia This Planet Has the Potential to Be

How do we change this planet, how do we make a better future for those that will come after us, if we do not know where we are headed?

We have seen what’s wrong with the world and we see more evidence of it every day. What we need right now is a vision, a clear vision for what we all want this planet to be, as well as the final iteration of what we want to create.

If we do not know where we are going, we are doomed to miss the path that leads us there. Thus the most important thing to know is our destination. We need to have a vision of what we want to manifest into this world, for both us and our children.

What I’m asking of you is not to necessarily know the plan, or a clear path of action. If you can, that is absolutely wonderful, but the most important thing is to know the final destination, the final shape of what we want to create, the vision of a new society, of a New Earth. The mind works in mysterious ways and many times it will provide you with a plan of action as well as plenty of ideas and intuitions of what needs to and can be done, if you clearly state your end goal, visualize it and write it down if possible.

The vision does not need to be exact and not all contingencies need to be planned for preemptively in your mind. You do not need to see and understand the exact sociopolitical complexities of this desired Utopia. What matters most is the energy, the energy from which you create this vision. From this energy all the ideas, the plans, the details will spring forth. Will you create this from an energy of love, peace, compassion, unity, joy, or from fear, grief, anger?

You do not have to know exactly how it’s going to work or how we are going to get there, even a rough draft is a wonderful start. But I urge you to do this and to do this now. I urge you to think about , visualize and write down if possible what a New Earth could genuinely look like, how we can come together and make a society that we have all dreamed of a reality.

If you wish to create this, it is always best to clear your mind and come to inner peace as best you can. Let go of any bothersome thoughts or emotions. Drop them as the unnecessary burden onto your being that they are. Realize that fundamentally YOU ARE, realize your precious beingness and create from it, create from a space unburdened by any limits of who you are and how you should be.

Take a few deep breaths, relax and let go. Then allow it to come forth. Your vision for what this planet and all on it has the potential to be.

Let me share my vision with you.

On a New Earth, humanity stands united not only between themselves, but with the rest of nature as well. We have realized that deep down we are all interconnected, intertwined on every level and ultimately part of an Absolute Reality that is fundamentally in unity with itself, as much as it can also work through a beautiful and unique individuality for every being.

Understanding this and seeing others as living beings that desire to create, enjoy and live life, with an unalienable right to freedom and well-being, we decide to construct a New Earth in harmony with all life on this planet, as best we can. We experience deep compassion for all other beings that may be suffering and wish to help them. From an understanding that all life is sacred and that we are Life itself, true love is born.

Our happiness is sourced from within and we do not need any external fulfillment in order to be free, in order to be who we are. Thus what we create, what we consume, what we have, we are not attached to and do not need to be fulfilled and at peace with ourselves. We can still create marvelous things, our life does not have to ascetic. We can build cities and make products that are in tune with nature, not against it. We can create art and music, dance, engage in competitive sports….express ourselves in every way we can, much like we do now, but in an even more beautiful and creative way. We respect the creations of each-other and do not try to bring each-other down. Our creative freedom is there, but we never use it in order to infringe on the will of another – we respect others’ boundaries and instead of sourcing them from morals, which are mental rules that can be misleading, we source them from a living love and compassion for the other being, from knowing what they want, respecting their desires and living in accordance with the golden rule (Treating others and acting in a way you wish to be treated and acted towards).

Because of our deep understanding of reality, ourselves and the wisdom we have sourced from within and from Life, we cannot be controlled or plotted against, divided, or made to hate each other. We are free beings because we have tasted freedom that is within – and that realization is so deep that it can never leave us, both on an individual and collective level.

Our technology is highly evolved, but we realize that no matter what we do, we cannot truly outclass nature with its billions of years of evolution. We respect nature and let it do its thing – we do not try to improve it, we try to learn from it. We unite our scientific understanding, which so often comes from a feeling of superiority of nature, with deep lessons from the natural arena. We do not pollute, destroy,…. instead we heal what needs to healed, respect nature and gain wisdom from it.

Because we live in peace and our technology has evolved to such a high degree, we do not need to work further, as all our needs are easily met. The word work is replaced by the words create and contribute. We do things because we want to express ourselves and at the same time improve this planet, humanity and help elevate all of us to an even higher level.

Since we know that we are intimately connected with all other life, we seek to improve their situation. Thus we naturally create and act in a way that is in accordance with this, in accordance with giving and sharing love. Because of this, we can engage in a gifting economy, in a sacred system of economics, where we can share whatever we create and have freely with one another – as well as be on the receiving end of all such gifts. Each of us has their own talents, finds them, explores them and ultimately uses them to create and manifest whatever is wanted and needed – the abundance of all of this is then freely shared with others, out of the Cosmic principle of love.

This is a rough draft of my idea and I am sure it can be better, as well as more detailed. So I invite you to both comment on my own vision and how you see it, how you would improve it, as well as and perhaps even more importantly – share your visions, your ideas, your flashes of inspiration of how a true Utopia, a truly beautiful society and world, would look like – and what kind of principles and mentality would stand as its fundamentals.

Much love to you all and may we all be inspired to create this New Earth together!

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