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As I have gone through a period of intense hell for many years and have engaged in several thousand hours of inner work I can say I know without a doubt that the journey from darkness to light, to dissolving one’s pain and facing one’s shadows with awareness, is anything but a walk in the park.

Thus I have, besides the advice I choose to share on this site, recently begun doing counseling / coaching sessions over Skype. As I know not everyone can afford these and the prices for them are often sky-high, I am currently doing sessions on a donation-only basis (this may change in the future, depending on my time and schedule). This means that after our time together you can choose how valuable the session was for you and then give a donation of your choice.

In the time together we chat through Skype (can be done via audio and video, or audio alone, as per your choice), I am present with you as you talk with me about your issues, after which I assist and guide you through sessions of guided emotional releasing, as well as introspective work. What I use most with others is what I have used most with myself – general healing with meditative awareness and breathing, the releasing modalities and techniques from the Sedona Method, as well as The Work, by Byron Katie.

If you feel intuitively pulled towards this, you can contact me here:

All the best and plenty of love 🙂

A Few Testimonials:

“I am currently receiving counseling and coaching from Jake at Embrace Your Experience for the following issues: understanding spiritual awakening and living it out in my practical day-to-day life, obsessive and unreturned ‘love,’ body image, stress at my job, and confusion over my life’s purpose. During our sessions, he guides me through emotional releasing which leaves me feeling more free, less anxious, more in touch with Being, and therefore more happy. He has the gifts of extreme empathy, intuition, intelligence, and wisdom which allow him to clarify and recontextualize my emotions. I always leave our sessions with a more compassionate outlook on life and my relationships with others. I recommend Jake for anyone seeking freedom from suffering.”

“Jacob was an effective facilitator for the Sedona method technique, guiding me through the process of feeling my feelings and bringing awareness to the peaceful stillness. He was also able to accurately pick up on my emotional experience during the session even though from my end there was no camera. I feel like it was a step towards undoing a rigid knot of repressed thought/emotion. “

“I had a releasing session with Jacob. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to have more sessions since I don’t have privacy at my place anymore and these conversations tend to be pretty personal. But I really liked the work we did together. Jacob’s a very warm and friendly guy and I felt myself releasing a bit during the session. He’s also found a lot of benefit from this modality himself, and it’s always good to have a coach who’s benefited personally from the work he practices. I recommend him. “


Legal Disclaimer:

I am not a licensed medical professional nor a psychotherapist. The work I do is based on my own experience and knowledge I have gained through a decade of inner work and contemplation, as well as through various teachers I have met along the way – despite this it is not a replacement for a medical professional. Thus I make no claim that I or any of my advice presented through a counseling session or this website can cure and/or heal any physical or psychological ailments you may have.

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