The Time to Awaken Is Now

We live in precarious times.

Though the quality of life seems better than at any point in recorded history and humanity seemingly more free than ever before, the vast majority of the world remains in suffering and neglect.

Due to the amount of humans living on the planet today and the rapid advancements in technology, we have come to the point where our entire society can be destroyed on a whim (nuclear Armageddon being only one such possible threat) and the very freedom to express ourselves taken away.

The very technology that has freed us and has the potential to truly revolutionize society also has the potential to enslave us in a truly Orwellian fashion the moment it enters the wrong hands, ultimately even destroying everything we’ve worked so hard to create.

But is it not in the wrong hands already? The ability to wage war with semi-autonomous drones and the incredible boost in surveillance and potential censorship is already an ominous reality happening right before our very eyes.

However that is far from the entirety of problems we face. Our disregard for the environment, for the animals and plant-life on this wonderful planet and our disregard for each-other, as well as ignorance and passivity, is moving us towards a very uncertain future.

It is at this point that humanity is at a turning point. We will either move towards further chaos, or harmony and peace.

But as people seek external solutions and answers in the spheres of our currently accumulated bases of knowledge and intellect, as well as tirelessly look for answers from thought leaders and prominent public figures, (while simultaneously being completely disillusioned by them) I invite you to stop for a moment and look within.

As the world moves towards potential darkness, the greatest gift, the greatest opportunity provided to you in these times is the ever-growing impetus to find that which you and humanity have been seeking for eons.

The very refuge that the many aspects of the world seem to afford are illusions. People are awakening to this truth and realizing that nothing in the world can afford them the genuine safety, security and peace that they seek. As this disillusionment happens, the signposts that have been cloaked for millennia need to be laid bare for the masses to see. These must be offered not as some occulted ideals, only available to a select few, covered in myth and religion – they must be shown clearly and concisely. Then it is the choice of the people to either follow them, or ignore them at their own peril.

What you seek, the very safety, the contentment, the happiness, fulfillment, the energy and creativity – are all available to you, not as some promise in the distant future, but as real aspects of the field of presence and intelligence that you inhabit, as the aspects of the stillness and silence that is always present here and now.

I invite you now to stop for a moment. Your thoughts and emotions are no doubt very active – but are you ever aware of them? Are you aware of how very disturbed and anxious your mind is? Awareness is the first step to healing and the first step to finding the peace beyond the anxiety.

Allow yourself to become intensely present where you are and observe your thoughts and emotions. Give them space and allow themselves to be expressed in your consciousness fully. Simply observe. If an intense emotion arises in your body, feel it, feel it fully and do not think about it, allow it to be felt and thus allow it to dissolve.

If you can and are willing to, simply allow yourself to let go of everything that is present in your consciousness at this moment. How? Simply choose to do so. If it helps, you can clench your fist with the same fierceness with which you are unconsciously holding on to your emotions and sensations. Then slowly unclench it and as you do so, unclench the hold of your consciousness on what you are experiencing. It will let go and pass. As long as you let it.

Allow yourself to observe what is beyond the inner disturbances. Allow yourself to become fully aware of the world around you. If there is a tree, a plant or a living being near you, observe it without any thought or judgment. Observe what your eyes can see and truly listen to whatever sounds are echoing in your surroundings  or coming to you from farther away. Witness the world as it is, beyond any personal mental labels you may desire to pin on it.

Now, take a step forward. Beyond the obvious manifestations around you, there is a silence, a spaciousness, a stillness, a sense of freedom, an energy that is ever-present, yet usually completely ignored by us all. Allow yourself to become aware of it. Listen to the silence, observe the space around you and feel the stillness in your consciousness.

Allow yourself to experience the peace, stillness and perhaps even joy, as best you can. It may perhaps be subtle at first, but with awareness and the dropping of illusions it will grow.

Though awakening is a process, paradoxically the only way to experience it is by stepping outside of time. The more you allow yourself to become present, welcome your experience and let go of what you may be holding on to, the more you will be able to tap into this truly infinite potential.

Whatever comes up, whether pain or limitation, allow yourself to welcome it and let it go. Forgive yourself and others, as best you can. If needed, inquire more deeply into it and find its cause, thus freeing yourself from the shackles of its illusion.

This is your portal and your refuge, it is available to you only trough being present. It is also the ultimate place of genuine safety and peace.

From here on, allow yourself to tap into this presence to make decisions and take action in the world, to gather knowledge, to find energy and awaken creativity.

As the world becomes increasingly complex and chaotic, simplicity and harmony can always be found beyond its most surface manifestations. It is in the field of presence where you can tap into something unimaginably vast, an energy of stillness and freedom, within which is also hidden the realization of unity with the rest of reality and the Cosmos at large.

Not only for every individual, but for all of humanity – this is the path forward. There is no more time to ignore the spiritual aspect of our existence.

If we do so, we may end up in a world akin to a hell found in the most dystopian literature. But if we acknowledge it and move towards it, the possibility of heaven on Earth becomes not only a possibility, but an inevitable reality.

There is only one time when it is essential to awaken.
That time is now.
– Jack Kornfield

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