The Simplicity of Pure Spirituality

“Truth is simple, if it was complicated, everyone would understand it”

Though many systems of practice, of esoteric and occult thought exist, many metaphysical teaching of great value from which there is much to learn from, the core of true spirituality is very simple.

As a teacher once said “There are no spiritual thoughts or beliefs, true spirituality lies beyond thought and belief”.

And in this statement lies a great truth.

Because what you seek is always beyond thought, emotion and belief. The very nature of all that exists, including the finest level of creation, which are thoughts, spring from Source, Being or God as many may call it.

By seeing Being as the innermost nature of all things, including yourself, and as the thing from which all of manifested reality springs, you free yourself from the grasp of the world. You transcend it and are thus free to create and play within it without the burden of suffering.

To do this you must let go of, or see through, the mind and all its corresponding thoughts and emotions. You are deeply identified with them and completely trapped within the grasp of them, which makes it seem that the manifested reality, which includes your inner and outer experience and all that is present within them, is all there is.

And if you feel that the manifested is all there is, you will always suffer. Because the manifested is relative, it is in constant flux, ever-changing, constantly beaten by the processes of creation and destruction, inescapably transient.

But when you know that there is something beyond it and also deep within it as an intrinsic part of it and as the core of every being, including yourself, you will find freedom, joy, love and peace.

So be conscious in your life, let go of your mind, only if just for a moment at a time, that’s all it takes to see the reality of Being hidden behind it and within it  – and as part of yourself and every fiber of your soul.

And once you see it, you can never go back, no matter how many times you are drowned by the fog of the mind.

You know the truth now… and nothing can stop you from realizing it in its totality.

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