Triple Welcoming Process – The Sedona Method

Here I’ve uploaded one of my favorite processes in audio format designed for letting go of any and all limiting emotions, beliefs, thoughts, pictures and sensations. Anything and everything blocking you from experiencing joy, peace, love and freedom, as well as clarity, peace of mind and energy (and associated physical health), that are available to you beyond the fog that is superimposed on your Self.

The recording comes from one of my favorite courses on inner growth that involves a very simple, yet effective technique for ridding oneself of any and all limiting mental and emotional baggage – “The Sedona Method”, taught by Hale Dwoskin. This clip comes from the sister program of the method called “Beyond Letting Go”.

I have personally been using the Sedona Method and several programs related to it with great results for more than ten years now and I highly recommend them all.

Even this audio alone, if you listen to it repeatedly, can be enough to rid yourself of an incredible amount of inner turmoil and resistance to the freedom and peace that always flow in this very moment.

I often enjoy going through this process on my own, by talking myself verbally or even mentally through the whole process, so ultimately there is no audio required, it is simply an aid that can be useful to help you concentrate, learn the process and relax. Of course some people prefer listening to the audio rather than doing it on their own – and if that is the case I encourage you to listen to this recording on repeat as often as you wish.

As you listen simply allow yourself to embrace whatever comes up. Questions that are being asked are there to guide you into becoming aware of various aspects of your inner pain and conditioning. As you become aware of these aspects, (which can be divided into three main categories – [1.] your thoughts/emotions/sensations, [2.] your wants and [3.] the feeling of the whole issue being personal, the sense of identification) allow yourself to embrace and welcome them.

This will then allow you to integrate them and dissolve them from your consciousness.

Enjoy 🙂

If you want, you can download this process by clicking here. (if you don’t get a direct download link, right click on the link and click “save as”/”save target as”)

Link to the official Sedona Method website:

Direct link to the Beyond Letting Go program this audio is from:

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