September 2019

Waking Up to Reality

A store in a broken down suburb. A man walks in and points his gun towards the clerk.

He needs the money for drugs. As he looks at the terrified clerk he feels no compassion whatsoever. Why should he? He owes the money to his dealer. The clerk is simply a mental image to him, not even real in his mind. He doesn’t see a being there, just an idea, a thought really – a store clerk, like one you can see in a movie.

As he waves the gun in his face he feels numb. There is a sense of power in him, of false power, dominance over others. The store clerk decides to be brave and reaches under the counter. Too late. Screams are heard from customers lying on the floor as the clerk falls with blood dripping down his face. The thief feels different. He has never killed someone yet. But now is not the time to think of it.

A Society Run by Psychopaths

It is not difficult to see that the society we live in is not exactly on par with the best and highest good of us all. We are quite literally living in an inversion – a society where genuine values, virtue, compassion and depth have been replaced by greed, decadence, depravity, immorality, selfishness and superficiality.

For this madness we are ultimately all to blame, for our common consciousness, the expression of all our thoughts, emotions and action have led us into such a world.

But to truly see the culmination of the world we have created and to find some answers on how we can make it better, it can be wise to simply check who governs it (though I use the term “govern”, I am not merely talking about governments, for we cannot forget massive international corporations, banks and organizations that often have far more power and influence than governmental authority).

Who runs our society? Who stands on top of this inverted pyramid of societal control and power?

As people point fingers and blame, trying to find the evil that has hidden itself behind a smokescreen, we forget one crucial thing – it is not who exactly stands on top that is relevant, it is the type of people that stand there and the properties they have in common.

It is important to note again that whoever stands there is there, because humanity is allowing them to be there. They are quite literally, the culmination of the entirety of human consciousness, the extension of our collective shadow. Even if you do not believe that humanity may share a collective consciousness or a collective unconscious (as per Jung) on a subtle level, it is obvious that our combined thoughts create our combined actions (for every action is preceded by a thought) which ultimately result in our present reality on this planet.

Through these actions and our shared consciousness we have arrived at a society that is administered by – psychopaths.

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