Surviving, Thriving and Contributing in the Age of Mass Information and Confusion

In the age of information, where censorship, propaganda and disinformation are upon us, the time of confusion has arrived.

The Internet seems to be one of the final battlegrounds between the truth and lies, between empathy and psychopathy, between those that seek power for the sake of themselves and those that want freedom for the sake of us all.

We are citizens of the digital age and we are already participating in a world war. The war is digital and it is, as has been said many times, quite literally a war on people’s minds. Information and awareness are crucial and nowadays, whoever holds the key to the flow of information will become the new wielder of power and will shape the narrative of the future.

The Internet is the first literal manifestation of a more mind based reality, it is a physical manifestation of pure information. It is also a manifestation of a deeper connectedness between all of us, as living beings, that we are only slowly starting to realize, as we drop the anger and fear and instead cooperate, respect each other and garner compassion for all life.