October 2016

The Simplicity of Pure Spirituality

“Truth is simple, if it was complicated, everyone would understand it”

Though many systems of practice, of esoteric and occult thought exist, many metaphysical teaching of great value from which there is much to learn from, the core of true spirituality is very simple.

As a teacher once said “There are no spiritual thoughts or beliefs, true spirituality lies beyond thought and belief”.

And in this statement lies a great truth.

Because what you seek is always beyond thought, emotion and belief. The very nature of all that exists, including the finest level of creation, which are thoughts, spring from Source, Being or God as many may call it.

By seeing Being as the innermost nature of all things, including yourself, and as the thing from which all of manifested reality springs, you free yourself from the grasp of the world. You transcend it and are thus free to create and play within it without the burden of suffering.

Two Questions That Help You Move Closer to Freedom

“Does this action lead me closer to peace and freedom-question-peace-bliss-love-meditation-introspectionfreedom?”

“Does this action lead me deeper into the now?”

Questions are an incredible tool. Above is only a small example of two questions that can lead you to great freedom within.

You can probe your subconscious by asking it various questions and waiting for the answer to spring up and show itself to you (in this particular case you can also visualize yourself doing the action you are unsure about and then feeling in your body and through you mind whether this action does lead you to greater freedom, peace and general relief – and thus deeper into the present moment)

By doing so, your subconscious mind will show you and tell you what the right action is and in the case with the two questions above – what action you need to take that will lead to its further dissolution. And remember, the more of the past and future related conditioned programming from the mind you dissolve, the more freedom you will find.

These two simple questions, when applied often and in an honest introspective way, while the answers are heeded and not ignored (to the best of your ability), can create a dramatic impact and change your life.

Try it out and tell me how it worked for you in the comments below.

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