Choosing Freedom Over The World

“To be free, you must want freedom more than you want the world.”
– Lester Levenson

There are many desires in one’s life and the accomplishment or dissolution of any one of them will usually bring about a temporary state of peace, joy and happiness. As a desire is fulfilled, we automatically let go and embrace the freedom and peace beyond it. But is this peace, this joy, this freedom, not available to us at all times?

If we simply drop our desires and allow them to dissolve, we can find that beyond them, freedom is always available to us. From that place we can continue to create and pursue what we desire, but we are no longer attached to the outcome, we no longer attach our sense of self or sense of well-being and happiness to any external event or outcome, outside the ever-present moment we reside in, in which all fulfillment is available.

To do this, we must make a choice. We must choose between our limited desires, our want to control the world and freedom itself, within which the highest good of all beings is fulfilled.