Do Not Forget the Inherent Simplicity of Spirit and Life

Often we get lost in the various complexities of life, whether personal, societal, scientific, philosophical or spiritual. We seek answers, we seek ourselves, the seeking can be constant. And with the seeking, with the questions, come more and more questions, often accompanied by confusion and a feeling that we’ll never figure it all out. I know this because I’m often like this – I’m obsessed with figuring things out, with trying to find the answers, with wanting to have everything happen and align perfectly – wanting to know what to do and how to move forward in order to achieve and master perfection, alignment.

But with all of this, all of us, me included, often forget that the answers can often be found in the absolute simplicity of being. If you allow yourself to let go of the questions and the confusion, the seeking of understanding and the desire to know – you will paradoxically find the answers as well as the path forward. And the path can often and will often be very simple. Not only for a personal and worldly betterment of your life, but for your growth as a spiritual being, for the seeking of freedom and Divinity inherent within us all.