Staying in the Present Moment

It seems clear to many that this moment offers freedom, joy and peace. Staying in the present moment is an issue that occupies the minds of many that have felt this deep peace that only truly being present and aware can give you.
Yet how to remain rooted inside it?

Simply being in the Now, observing your surroundings, taking a few deeconscious breaths or listening to the sounds around you can center you and deepen your experience of life.

If you take your time to just be, without trying to get here or there and without trying to control  this or that (including the past, which we all frequently lament or try to mentally fix and change in some way – to no avail, obviously) and just stay HERE for more than a few seconds of clock-time, a deep and profound stillness and spaciousness opens up, around you and inside you.

A feeling that you are home at last.

But then a familiar occurrence comes into play – the voices in your head, the thoughts and the pictures, sounds, emotions and bodily sensations associated to them start flying around and coming up from all corners. You were free… in bliss… for a moment … but then the mind came up with all guns blazing, telling you how awful you are, how your life is horrible, how you have things to do, problems to resolve and people to hate.

What to do in a situation like this –  when the present moment and the peace associated to it seems to so completely elude you, due to the fog of war painted across your awareness by your *best friend*, your mind?

The key is simple – don’t fight it, don’t resist it. Allow it. Flow with it. Accept it.

When you are being present for longer and longer periods of time and are thus meditating at a deeper and deeper level (which is what meditation is in it’s essence – abiding in the now, the present moment), you are raising your awareness and thus becoming more and more open to past repressed emotions, limiting beliefs and thought patterns coming up into your experience, as well as various repressed bodily sensations such as pain and often tiredness (tiredness is something we often tend to “push down” into our subconscious, because our hectic and stressful lives usually demand a lot from  us, including staying up and working late into the night and sleeping for 6 hours or less – being tired during the day is usually “not an option”).

As these things come up, don’t resist them, fight them, or try to push them back down again. The whole reason why you’re doing this is that you can face what’s been haunting you, to stop the constant running from your problems and look straight into the eye of your inner demons, seeing that they are nothing but insubstantial phantoms, and finally find inner peace.

If you let everything come up and accept it, let it go or simply let it flow through you, it will disappear and dissolve. Don’t identify with what’s coming up – these are simply past thoughts, emotions, pictures and sounds, none of this is personal, they are simply the result of programs and belief patterns instilled within you by society, your parents, the media and your friends.
Allow yourself to let it go, you don’t need the excess baggage, you deserve to be free.

With deeper issues that don’t seem to let go that easily, it is a good idea to look into them and try to understand them. The attempt to understand them will bring the whole issue to light and it will be dissolved in your awareness. You will know whether you need to take any action or whether simply being is enough. As you bring the problem/pain to light, the lessons from the pain will be imparted to you automatically.

In many cases you might also consider using an emotional clearing technique, all of which are designed for situations like this, for problems that seemingly “won’t go away”.

Here is a list of some of the absolute best that I’ve found myself using many times over the past decade:

– The Sedona Method, a wonderful guided audio course to help you let go of your inner baggage. A brilliant process from the Sedona Method (actually a sister/companion of it program called Beyond Letting Go), can be found on this site, on the following link – Triple Welcoming Process.
 The Work by Byron Katie – another great tool for seeing through false and illusory thought patterns and beliefs, using a very simple technique consisting of asking yourself four questions
– EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is a system based on acupressure (tapping different points on your body in order to neutralize the emotional charge)
– PEAT & Spiritual Technology – a system for emotional clearing on a very deep level, created by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski. Although you’ve probably never heard of it, it is an amazing system for dealing with any sort of emotional baggage that you could encounter in your life (his primary system PEAT is like a very advanced form of EFT). Among his other fantastic systems are also Aspectics and his system Transcendent (with many techniques and processes), both described in the books with those exact names.
Dissolving your pain through meditative practice – breathing, awareness and understanding. A simple system based on eastern meditative practices, especially those taught by Thich Nhat Hanh (a wonderful Zen monk) and edited by me. This process is available in full on this site, on the link provided in the beginning of this description.


Being present is the key, the rest is simply here to help you be where you are and as you are, simply an aid to help you abide in the timeless Now and let go of any baggage that prevents you from doing so.

The journey may seem long, but the final destination is always the present, a complete abolition of time, the space of now – a space that is on the deepest level the core of your very being.

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